Barbara Kruger


Artwork by Baé

Grounded in graphic design and photography, Barbara Kruger is most known for her black-and-white images overlaid with bold, white-on-red captions, usually ironic and sometimes aggressive.

Though it may seem simple, the combination of image and text serve as very powerful messages. Kruger's works were reproduced on different mediums and products, blurring the borders between art and commerce. As she drew public attention, her distinctive style of work even gave inspiration for the luxury street brand 'Supreme'.


One of Kruger's most controversial works, 'Your Body is a Battleground' is an image of a woman with a single statement. This was more than enough to convey the artist's fury and despair. She had created this piece for the Women's March against abortion withdrawal in Washington, DC, in 1989, criticizing the right to women's abortion having to be decided upon men.


Your body is a battleground, Barbara Kruger (


A strong influence on society as an artist, Kruger has addressed a wide range of public issues, such as politics, religion, race, sex, consumerism, power, and media.


She has recently begun new initiatives, including installations on public facilities, such as billboards, train stations or parks, and is steadily expanding her realm of art between New York and LA.

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