Alice Guy-Blaché


Artwork by Baé

Today, where only 7% of Hollywood directors are female, Alice Guy-Blaché, the world's first female film director, is September's #MuseoftheMonth . Having produced over 1000 films in France and the US, she is also the first director to incorporate narratives to film.

Unlike the Lumiere brothers and Edison, who are considered pioneers of film, Alice's name and achievements are unfamiliar. Scholars who have recorded history in the male-dominated film industry have manipulated and omitted her achievements; some even believed Alice to be male.


Two Little Rangers (1912)   


Despite all the social prejudices, Alice made the first appearance of African-American cast and addressed the traditional gender compositions, making groundbreaking contributions to the film industry. Her underestimated and forgotten achievements must be meticulously documented and attained of critical importance.

Tarnished Reputations (1920)

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