Haegue Yang


Artwork by Baé

Constantly running exhibitions around the world, Haegue Yang is often referred to as a ‘nomad artist’. As the first Asian female artist to receive the prestigious Wolfgang Hahn Prize from Museum Ludwig, Haegue has become one of the world's leading artists and is currently teaching at Städelschule where she had studied fine arts herself.

When The Year 2000 Comes, Kukje Gallery, 2019
Handle, The Museum of Modern Art, 2019

Presenting the 'Handle' exhibition at MoMA, Haegue takes personal approaches to social concepts, cultures, time and more to not only visually stimulate, but to trigger all kinds of senses using various multimedia elements.

When having to make an appearance at her exhibition, Haegue’s face is often painted. Resembling a mask or a clown, this is how she overcomes the anxiety of having to physically involve herself with her art. She quotes, ‘Art should be dealt with art.’ Pursuing the spirit of a true artist, Haegue Yang is February’s  #MuseoftheMonth.

© Haegue Yang

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