Charlotte Perriand


Artwork by Baé

Charlotte Perriand, the most important 20th century modernist architect and designer, is July’s #MuseoftheMonth

Well known for her collaborations with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, Perriand was first rejected by Le Corbusier; he told her; “We don’t embroider cushions here.” Throughout the decade, the three created a style where tradition and modernity coexisted to serve mankind the purpose of design between man and space. 

Perriand on the Chaise Longue Basculante (1928-29) © Le Corbusier, P. Jeanneret, C. Perriand; ADAGP, Paris

Unfortunately, the authorship of several chairs on which the three collaborated, including the most renowned LC Collection, is still owned and marketed under the ‘Le Corbusier collection’. 

She was not the first, but the most gifted and ambitious woman to be dismissed by the alpha males who dominated the scene. Even after she left Le Corbusier’s studio, her independent career thrived equally and is remembered to this day. 

Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Djo Bourgeois, Jean Fouquet with Percy Sholefield in background in her apartment in Saint-Sulpice, Paris, 1928.
Charlotte Perriand at the Expo Synthèse des Arts Tokyo in 1955© AChP T

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