Seasonal Collection: MATINÉE GLOVES




Pour vos mains, pour vos matinées

For your hands, For your MATINÉE

Introducing Matinée Gloves, a seasonal collection from Mutemuse.

Rooted in La Belle Époque, Matinée refers to an opera or ballet performance taking place in the daytime. Unlike Soirée, Matinée allows the audience to dress in more relaxed manner such as a pair of short gloves. In so, the term ‘Matinée’ has become a byword for a wrist-length classic staple accessories. Inspired by the quintessential fashion manner, Mutemuse introduces MATINÉE GLOVES that lend a comfortable, yet alluring edge to your wardrobe.


The darkest black evoking the night of a desolate city.



A deep burgundy ripened like a bitter sense of humor.



An enriched brown, a recollective hue.


A dusty rose tinged with a sensual touch.

*Matinée Gloves are only sold domestically in Korea.

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