Miki Kim


MUTEMUSE through the eyes of artists we love.
<Imaginations> is a digital collaboration series inspired by the sculptural shapes of MUTEMUSE. Discover the works of artists around the world, envisioned through their sea of imaginations.

Artwork by Miki Kim

If you could be anything other than a human, what would you be?
I would like to be born as water, boundlessly free-flowing.
The topmost important thing on your bucket list.
Catching the Northern lights in Iceland.
Tell us about a weird dream you had recently.
Recently, I was cracking an egg open in my dream. I see something fluffy inside and thought, ‘this must be a chick.’ Turns out, it was a small horse… I’m not exactly sure what the dream was about, but I should go get myself a lottery ticket.
Miki Kim (@_miki__kim), illustrator and tattooist based in Seoul, is known for her Asian style and bold colors. The sarcasm in her drawings are calling attention from luxury houses like Gucci, to designer brands like Marine Serre.

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