Gyuri Cloe Lee


MUTEMUSE through the eyes of artists we love.
<Imaginations> is a digital collaboration series inspired by the sculptural shapes of MUTEMUSE. Discover the works of artists around the world, envisioned through their sea of imaginations.

Artwork by Gyuri Cloe Lee

If you could be anything other than a human, what would you be?
Since it’s currently winter and freezing cold, I’d like to hibernate like a bear.
The topmost important thing on your bucket list.
Creating a work of art that would come as a surprise to everyone.
Tell us about a weird dream you had recently.
I was skydiving, but my hands were tied. I fell straight down, unable to open the parachute. I often dream of falling, but I remember this one in particular because of the fact that I couldn’t save myself even with a parachute.
Gyuri Cloe Lee (@cleeekyu), a RISD graduate, is an animator based in Seoul. Her use of heavily saturated colors and unconventional storytelling sparks our imagination.

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