Collage Yellow *limited color edition  
The vibrant yellow segment collaged onto an art piece.


- CROWD by B.D. Graft
Yellow cut-outs dotting the faces of an anonymous black-and-white crowd

Anonymity grants the exhilarating opportunity to act freely from the gaze of others. Yet, the absence of individuality in a group or ‘crowd’ leaves a sense of restlessness. B.D. Graft was inspired by these conflicting qualities found frequently in cultural societies today.
The photograph captures a crowd of people, stripped of color and printed in monochrome. Their faces have been replaced by bright yellow cut-outs, making them indistinguishable from one another, almost pattern-like. However, the anonymity created in Crowd actually begins with a process that involves closely looking at each person. Scrutinizing every face, Graft meticulously cuts them out and sends personal regards.
With an eye-catching contrast between the stark monochrome print and the bright yellow cut-outs, Crowd is a part of Graft’s prominent ‘Add Yellow’ series and was specially created as a collaboration artwork for MUTEMUSE.

Tribute to the admired artists in brilliant yellow.

B.D. Graft’s ‘Add Yellow’ project raises questions regarding art and ownership through the mantra, “Is it mine if I add some yellow?” At times, these works are heartfelt homages paid to artists beloved by Graft.  

“This piece was made in 2019 using worn-out pages from a modern art book published in 1969. It feels as if I am conversing with the history of art.”
Biographies is filled with familiar names: Matisse, Van Gogh, de Kooning, Picasso, Mondrian, O’Keefe, and more. Graft has added his signature yellow cut-outs to faded pages that introduce these iconic artists. The collaboration artwork for MUTEMUSE is quite classic with a modern twist.

- PLANTS by B.D. Graft
Nature’s vitality tinged in colors bright and vivid.

Branches extending instinctively, flowers and leaves facing in all directions, and a playfully-shaped vase—B.D. Graft’s third collaboration artwork for MUTEMUSE, Plants, is an array of flora full of vitality.

As a believer of the meditative and healing properties of art, Graft tends to draw various types of plants when he is feeling down. Using a wide range of mediums such as paint, charcoal, and pastel, the artist strives to convey the comfort and liveliness that comes from creating these handcrafted pieces that capture the grains of paper, rhythms of the scissor work, and even textures of the brushstrokes.

“I don't think I'm going to change the world with my art, but I would like to brighten up some days.”  

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